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Number Resolution Disposition
1 Budget Adjustment for Inflation Adopted
2 Remittance of Revenue and Payment of Per Capita Tax Adopted
3 Amending Trial Board Procedures Adopted
4 Funding for the Redmond Health & Safety Symposium and Related Research Adopted
Substitute Resolution 5 Canadian Pre-Hospital Care Advocacy Adopted
6 Non-Discrimination Policy Adopted as Revised
7 Secondary Employment  Adopted as Revised
8 Electronic Balloting for Local Delegates to Convention Withdrawn
9 Convention Policy and Criteria for Future Convention Sites Withdrawn
10 IAFF Officer and Employee Involvement/Influence in Local, State, Federal and Provincial Elections  Withdrawn
11 Elected Human Relations Committee Adopted as Revised and Amended
12 Opioid Response Adopted as Revised and Amended
13 IAFF Members Responding to Active Shooter and Other Hostile Events  Adopted as Revised and Amended
14 PulsePoint Verified Responder and Similar Off Duty Response Programs  Rejected
15 Opposition to the Recognition of Emergency Medical Service Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct (REPLICA) Adopted
16 Opposition to Changing Common Nomenclature of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to “Paramedicine” in the United States Adopted
17 Maintaining Access to Paramedic Education Adopted
18 IAFF Advocacy for Public Access Bleeding Control Kits  Adopted
19 Endorse California Professional Firefighters Personal Exposure Reporting System Adopted as Revised
20 IAFF 100 Years (1918-2018) Adopted
21 Restructuring, Refocusing the IAFF Foundation Adopted
22 Resolution to Recognize Kevin B. O’Connor Adopted Unanimously
23 Endorsement of Larry Osborne for IAFF District Vice President Emeritus Status Disposed of by Substitute Resolution 24
Substitute Resolution 24 IAFF District Vice President Emeritus Status for Brother Lawrence F. Osborne Adopted Unanimously
25 Honoring & Recognizing the Passing of Frank J. Montanaro, President Emeritus, Rhode Island State Association of Fire Fighters Adopted Unanimously
26 Designated Per-Capita Tax Funding for Reserves Adopted as Amended
27 Virtual Reality for Public Relations Adopted
28 Censure of Former Mayor Stephanie Miner Adopted Unanimously
29 Censure of Former Fire Chief Douglas Dore Zook  Adopted Unanimously
30 Censure of Randy Bruegman, Chief of the Anaheim Fire Department, Anaheim, CA Adopted Unanimously
31 IAFF Censure of Savannah Fire Chief Charles G. Middleton Withdrawn
32 Censure of Fire Chief Kevin Robinson Adopted Unanimously
33 Censure of Deputy Fire Chief Peter Henrikson Adopted Unanimously
34 Censure of Town Manager Gayle Corrigan Adopted Unanimously
35 Censure of Fire Chief Dennis Edwards and Deputy Chief Shawn Krizaj Adopted Unanimously
36 Behavioral Health Committee Adopted
37 Occupational Health & Safety Standing Committee Adopted
38 Disaster Relief Adopted
39 IAFF Peer Support Training Program Adopted
40 Support of Cancer Research Adopted
41 Cell and Radio Antenna Effects on Fire Fighters Adopted as Revised
42 Feasibility Study Adopted
43 IAFF Support of Peer Reviewed Studies Relating to Ultrasound Neck Scans of the Throat Versus Bloodwork to Screen for Thyroid Cancer Within the Fire Fighter Population Adopted as Amended
44 Mobile Fire Dynamics Unit Adopted as Revised
Substitute Resolution 45 Reduce the Burden Upon Members Who Seek Treatment at Care Centers Affiliated With the IAFF Adopted
46 Financial Assistance for IAFF Members’ Expenses for Excellence Center Disposed of by Substitute Resolution 45
47 IAFF Center of Excellence Grant Program Disposed of by Substitute Resolution 45
48 Establish an IAFF Center of Excellence Scholarship Program Disposed of by Substitute Resolution 45
49 Open Behavioral Health Center in California Adopted as Revised
50 FIREPAC Per Capita Increase Adopted as Amended
51 Medicare at 55 for Fire Fighters and Other First Responders Adopted as Revised
52 Health Care Crisis in the United States Adopted
53 Support for National Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month Adopted as Revised
54 Banning Marijuana Grow-Ops in Residential Buildings Adopted as Amended
Emergency Resolution 55 Censure of CareFirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland Adopted Unanimously