Nationwide Supports IAFF Foundation With $150,000 Donation


August 6 — During the opening Business Session, Nationwide President John Carter presented General President Harold Schaitberger with a check for $150,000 to benefit the IAFF Foundation.

“We are grateful to be here celebrating this remarkable centennial anniversary,” said Carter. Noting that the Nationwide relationship spans 15 years, Carter said, “We have donated close to $750,000 to the IAFF Foundation. We’re very proud of that.”

He continued, “The work that the Foundation does for fire fighters and their families to keep them safe is something we’re very aligned with. At Nationwide, we give back to communities just as all of you do every day, and this is one small way for us to say thank you and for us to demonstrate support of the hard work you do every day for those who are in need when crisis occurs.”

General President Harold Schaitberger said, “I can’t say enough about this incredible business relationship – you have gone above and beyond, and we thank you so much.”