Seattle Local 27 Welcomes Delegates 


It’s fitting that Seattle Local 27, our host local for the IAFF 54th Convention, is among the original fire fighter unions chartered with the IAFF on February 28, 1918.

“Local 27 is deeply committed to our members, the labor movement and the great city of Seattle,” says Local 27 President Kenny Stuart. “We are excited and honored to host the IAFF Centennial Convention and look forward to welcoming our brothers and sisters to our beautiful city.”

The Seattle Fire Department began as a volunteer fire department in 1884. When the Great Seattle Fire destroyed 64 acres, the city government agreed to create and fund a paid, professional department. In 1917, former Teamster John Buck organized the original City Fire Fighters Union No. 15462. Administration officials opposed the union by threatening dismissal for any fire fighter who joined. But, the ranks were filled with ex-Teamsters who decided to join anyway.

When the IAFF was organized in 1918, the City Fire Fighters Union became the Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 27. Throughout its history, Local 27 leaders have been staunch advocates for the health, safety and security of its members through negotiations, political action and hard work.

Today, Local 27 represents more than 1,000 professional fire fighters. Local 27 leaders continue to be fierce protectors of the interests of our members. In addition, Local 27’s members give back to the community through the 501(c)3 “Seattle’s Bravest Charity” and by supporting many other charitable and community programs, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Columbia Tower Stairclimb, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Medic One Foundation, the Economic Opportunity Institute and the Northwest Burn Foundation.

Local 27 is also a longtime member of the M.L. King County Labor Council and the Washington State Labor Council.